“Next Steps” for New Believers

When people meet Jesus Christ in your church, is there a follow-up process? How do you help them understand their commitment and take their crucial first steps of faith?

The Next Steps, a new follow-up tool from Navigators Church Ministries written by Jack Bell and Maxine Omdahl, is designed for anyone helping a new believer. It is now available on the NavPress website as a free download here.

Through the years Jack has piloted this resource in hundreds of churches here in the United States and abroad. It’s proven to be an effective follow-up tool for new believers and disciplemakers in a variety of settings—small groups, triad cohorts, and one-on-one relationships.

Jack is the NCM regional leader in the Heartland/Upper Midwest area. He’s worked with Maxine and a variety of others through the years to develop this tool out of his passion to provide new believers the follow-up they so desperately need. 

Participants spend time in God’s Word, work through hands-on activities, and share their stories with one another. It incorporates the NavPress resources “7 Minutes with God” and “Beginning with Christ.” The 10 lessons help establish new Christ-followers in the following key areas:

  • Trusting God’s Love
  • Affirming Your Faith in Christ
  • Understanding Your New Faith
  • Beginning with Christ
  • Talking and Listening to God
  • Reading God’s Word
  • Sharing Your Faith
  • Living in Your New Family
  • Discipling the New Believer
  • Sharing and Wrapping Up  

As word has gotten out about the release of “Next Steps,” one of my friends wanted the link right away to forward to the discipleship pastor at his church. Another took the opportunity to forward the link to two women’s ministry leaders. “Glad you’re putting out new believer resources,” a third said. “I sure needed help when I started my journey.” Perhaps you can identify!

Once again, you may download The Next Steps at no cost by clicking here. Why not prayerfully consider how you might use this follow-up tool in your personal ministry or at your church, or pass it along to your pastor or follow-up point person?

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