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National Disciple Making Forum 2022

Disciplemaking Dinner + Dialogue Nashville, TN October 5-6

We’re looking for one church to join us for dinner on Wednesday, October 5th during National Disciple Making Forum 2022 in Nashville, TN. This is an opportunity for a church that’s ready to take the next step in disciplemaking, to spend time with our NCM leaders, to share a meal and time together as we talk about your current culture and start building a foundation for the future. This is a great way to make the most of your time at the forum. Interested?


Want your church to be a place where people become disciples and then make disciples?

We’re here to help.

Our nationwide team of some 125 Navigator Representatives and many more Ministry Partners will come alongside you, train you, and introduce you to tested discipleship resources. We’ll equip you to work with people life-on-life, helping them grow from church attenders to laborers in the harvest. We’ll show you how to build a culture of disciplemaking, producing generations of disciples with untold impact on their world.

We do this through the three pathways below.

Growing Intentional Disciplemaking Cultures

We help pastors and church leaders move disciplemaking from a ministry of the few to the heart of a church's culture

Life & Leadership Coaching ​

Certified Coaches help leaders and laborers focus on the "Core 4" of Life Plan, Ministry Vision, Ministry Plan, and Priority Management

Everyday Disciplemakers

In the spirit of Jesus’ compassionate call to pray for “laborers in the harvest,” we help establish and equip ministry workers for exponential Kingdom impact

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We look forward to hearing from you!