What We Do

Relationship. Process. Priority.

What holds a diverse team of pastors, missionaries, veteran Navigator staff, and everyday disciplemakers together?

The answer is simple. 

It’s our commitment to Jesus, the church, and to making disciples next door to everywhere.

In the early church disciples were increasing in numbers “by leaps and bounds” (Acts 6:1, MSG). It’s still happening today as the Spirit uses us to make disciples who build disciplemaking cultures and trust God for a disciplemaking movement. And all of it is rooted in the local church. But how?

Three words: Relationship. Process. Priority.

Our team starts the way God does — relationally. God is unquestionably relational. He birthed a nation through a family and later, a movement through twelve friends. Jesus demonstrated the power of relationships, relationships that start small, go slowly, and build deeply. A relational life-to-life approach to disciplemaking is at the core of our ministry.

With the relationship comes an invitation to an intentional process. We have a biblical and time-tested process to help you build a disciplemaking culture in your church. Our staff will help you take biblical principles and apply them to your unique context and local setting. Whether you lead a church, a woman’s ministry, or a Bible study we will customize an intentional process to make disciples and a culture of disciplemaking that fits your context.

Priority protects it all. As our Savior’s final command becomes your church’s passion, we help you maintain its priority. Disciplemaking can’t simply be bolted onto your church’s list of ministries, it must be baked into everything. We help you work disciplemaking into the DNA of the church.



It’s what we do. And we begin in one of three ways:


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