Life and Leadership Coaching

Are you living out the full and abundant life that God has for you?​

Truth is, we can all benefit from having a coach! A coach helps you identify where you are now and your vision for where God is leading. Together we can examine your current reality, explore obstacles holding you back, and encourage action through practical next steps to help your reach your goals

We will pair a seasoned coach with a pastor, pastor’s spouse, ministry leader, ministry staff member, or “everyday disciplemaker” to help him or her develop a practical life plan, ministry vision and plan, and a framework for making good decisions to sustain a healthy personal and ministry life.


Life and Leadership Coaching is a holistic discipleship process using the CORE 4, integrated approach of non-directive coaching that results in more effective leadership and disciplemaking.

1. Life Plan

3. Ministry Plan

2. Ministry Vision

4. Priority Management

Through each phase, your coach walks alongside you, sharing Scriptural insights and clearing space for God to reveal His vision to you. Then your coach helps you discern tangible action steps to help you reach your goals.

Your coach is not the expert on your life—that’s you! We simply come alongside you to listen intently, question deeply, and give feedback cautiously. Above all your coach believes in you and prays for you.

“Coaching is helping people to grow without telling them what to do.” Tony Stoltzfus


Coaching is not counseling, mentoring, discipling, or an accountability relationship. We believe that you—as a believer with the Holy Spirit guiding you—know what’s best for your life. A good coach helps you unlock the discernment and confidence necessary to grow into who you are destined to become.

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Coaching Testimonials

"I have never had a coach before, and I am now so blessed to have this Navigator coach in my life. We have only worked together for a short time, but with her gentle guidance, my devotional life has been transformed and my calendar is being tamed. Perhaps most important, she is my safe place, and for pastors, safe places can be hard to find."

Sue Hubbard


Candice Profile Picture

Candice J.

Worship Pastor

"Through coaching I am transformed by being on God’s path instead of my own. It has brought me an awareness of aligning to God’s will; resulting in a healthier, more organized, and productive life. I have learned to ask God each day for His priorities rather than looking at the many tasks that my brain tells me to accomplish. I have learned to check in with God each morning with my task list to talk over with Him as I think about the coming week, month, season, and beyond. I have learned to stop if I feel overwhelmed and check out whether I am following my own voice, someone else’s or God’s voice. With God’s grace and strength, I can make a correction. He does not cause chaos or confusion; nor does He overwhelm me. He equips me and offers me re-direction when I fall into old patterns."

"My coach has been instrumental in empowering me to take a long hard look at my life and to see where my priorities were out of line, but thankfully she didn’t stop there. With her guidance, I have learned how to rethink and reorganize my life so I am able to accomplish more for the Kingdom of God without sacrificing my health, relationships, or my integrity. It is crystal clear to me as I look back on the 12+ months of work that there has been a drastic shift in the way I think and even physically feel. I am so thankful for the giftings that the Lord has given her-I have benefitted greatly from them."

Shelley N.

Christian Writer and Speaker​

Marty Ramey


"Coaching has been a wonderful blessing to me in many ways, but the most important thing I have learned is to search for scripture that applies to any situation I find myself in. Starting and ending each day in scripture provides me with spiritual nourishment and has made me stronger in my walk with Christ; and abiding in God's Word gives me the help I need to manage the pressures of the day. I cherish the focus on scripture that Navigators emphasizes and will always be thankful that I was given this opportunity to grow in my faith."